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"I’ve attended this show for three years and it gets better and better. I’ve encouraged my colleagues to come along this year. It’s a great place to meet up with other professionals and being able to learn from such a wide range of specialists from different fields is of great value."

Sajjad Anwar, Consultant, Blackpool Victoria Hospital

"I’m interested in digital technology and I’ve got lots of information about new innovation. I’ve picked up some practical knowledge to take back to work too. It’s been a very useful event."

Cath Love, Senior Quality Manager, Isle of Wight CCG

"An excellent show for bringing people together and sharing best practice. There’s a very positive atmosphere at this show and it’s a great opportunity to look at patient safety in a different way."

Samantha Jones, Director, New Care Models

"I’m looking for ways to implement change and transform our services. It’s interesting to see what other people are doing and I like the fact that I can get both the clinical and non-clinical view here."

Victoria Thickett, Clinical Effectiveness Unit Manager, Barts Health NHS Trust

"There are some very good speakers here, but it’s not all about listening to the sessions. You can get some useful educational material from the stands and network to find out what other people are doing. It’s a good opportunity to look at the way you do things and consider how you can improve."

Mary Edwards, Critical Care Outreach Team Lead, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

"I like the fact that I can dip in and out of sessions throughout the day and visit the exhibition stands all in one place. It’s great to have some time away from work and learn about what is happening elsewhere. I’ve made useful commercial and non-commercial contacts here today."

Nawal Bahal, Consultant Anaesthetist, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

"This show has been a great opportunity to spread the word about our new framework. Most of the people attending are working in frontline services and they’re able to come here and take something away with them. Meetings like this give people who don’t usually engage with theory the chance to take something practical back to their work."

Isabel del Arbol Stewart, Programme Manager, The Health Foundation

"The power of the personal stories you get at this show is more valuable than facts and figures you can read on the internet. Nothing beats the dialogue and conversations you can have at conferences like this."

Andrea McGuinness, Safety and Mortality Programme Lead, Advancing Quality Alliance

"It’s so easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel of work. This conference gives you a chance to stop, reflect and expand your knowledge."

Jo Thomson, Programme Manager, Measurement and Monitoring of Safety Programme, Health Improvement Scotland

"This conference is great for learning, but for me the real value is the opportunity to make connections with industry colleagues. You just can’t do that unless you’re here."

Dr Victoria Brown, Patient Safety Leadership Fellow, Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy

"This is a quality event. I work in geriatrics so I see all different conditions. I can update my knowledge here from the various talks and stands and pick of loads of information."

Gona Abdulla, Speciality Doctor, Queens Hospital

"There’s a lot of content at this show and it’s very interesting to hear the latest thinking from the experts. I work in antibiotics, so it has been useful to see how other professionals approach patient safety."

Emmanuel Idowa, Pharmacist, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

"There’s a great range of high quality lectures and it’s been very useful to see other hospitals’ perspectives of patient safety. I have a long list of ideas to take back and implement in our own trust."

Chris Ashworth, Clinical Site Manager, North Bristol NHS

"This has been really good for seeing new ideas and innovations and for learning from other people’s lessons in patient safety. The talk on Incident report was great and is very relevant for me. I’ve also been impressed by the range of technology at the show and seeing what a difference it can make in releasing clinical time."

Raymond Guirguis, Pharmacy Manager, Princess Grace Hospital

"It’s my second time at this event, and I find it very useful for new ideas on the trade floor and to find out what other people are doing in patient safety in the talks. It’s also good for networking - you can learn about similar projects and visit the sites afterwards. A very practical and informative event."

Tayyab Haider, Deputy Medical Director, Basildon University Hospital

"I always get something from this show that I can implement back at work. There talks are informative, there’s a lot to see on the show floor and it’s great for networking."

Ashita Taylor, Pharmacy Manager, Harley Street Clinic

"I’ve been attending this show since it started. It’s very good for keeping me up to date with areas beyond cardiology and it’s always nice to hear people speak and have the chance to ask questions."

Tom Evans, Cardiologist, Wellington Hospital

"I have a role to do with the safe use of medicines in our organisation and this show has been a great opportunity to find out about all the different things that can support patient safety. You don’t know what’s out there to help you until you come to a show like this. I’ve got some really good ideas from the stands and have collected lots of information. It’s been a very good day."

Hilary Pearmain, Cambridgeshire Community Services Pharmacist/Medication Safety Officer

"This is a great show for getting inspiration from what other people are doing. One of the sessions I attended at last year’s show really helped one of my investigations and genuinely made a difference, which is why I’m back for more."

Duncan Hall, Senior Incident Investigator, North East London Foundation Trust

"A really good show. There’s lot of interesting talks and it’s great for getting tips from other people. You can learn such a lot by talking to people and finding out how they do things in their areas."

Louise Griffiths, Governance Lead, Barts Health

"I like the mix of exhibitors and talks. Being able to meet new people and see what’s working out there in the industry to facilitate quality and safety is very useful. It’s very good for reinforcing the work we are doing and for showing that we need to be doing this work throughout the organisation."

Cheryl Messer, Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Director for Quality, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"I’ve picked up some good ideas here – it’s been great to see the wide variety of products in the industry, there’s a good range of topics in the talks and some really good speakers."

Michelle Webb, Associate Medical Director & Patient Safety Lead, Consultant Nephrologist

"It’s my first time here and it’s been really useful. Trevor Dale’s talk was great and the CQC session was very helpful. A very good event."

Justine Eastbury, Quality and Risk Manager, BMI Healthcare

"I’m far better at absorbing information by watching and listening, so the talks have been great for me. It’s so nice to hear from the experts in the field. I’ve got a lot of useful information from the exhibition – you don’t know what you don’t know, so I’ve picked up a lot."

Jan Birrell, Matron, Western Sussex Hospitals

"This has been a really good event. All of the talks have been useful and I’m learning things that I can embed into our own training back at work."

Tina Jackson, Head of Education, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"This show offers very good variety. It’s important to keep up to date with patient safety and I’ve got that from the talks, but I’ve found the stands to be particularly informative and much more interesting than at other events I’ve been too."

Penelope Smith, Consultant Physician, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

"The combination of patient safety and AGM communities is very good. The patient safety community can sometimes lose a bit of clinical grounding and the clinical community can sometimes be divorced from the patient experience. This event increases the appreciation and understanding of both. Strategically, it’s a very good pairing. The exhibition is also very good and I’m particularly interested in the technology."

Dr Daniel Lasserson, Senior Interface Physician in Acute and Complex Medicine, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and Associate Professor of Ambulatory Care, Nuffield

"A good show for getting updates and for learning from people who have first-hand experience. You can get theory from anywhere, but you only really learn from people who are doing real life jobs. The ultra sound training was really useful too."

Ajibola Ihuoma, SpR, Colchester Hospital

"There’s a great variety of exhibitors here and I’ve got lots of good information to take back. I’ve been able to pick up some good ideas which we’ll be able to implement, so it’s been a very good show for me."

Lynne Fuller, Infection Control Prevention & Control Commissioning Lead, Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG and West Suffolk CCG

"This conference is very good for reaffirming what people are doing. It gives them more confidence in their work. Everyone is in the same boat, so it’s a good way of engaging and sharing best practice."

Roopen Arya, Professor of Thrombosis and Haemostatis, Director, King’s Thrombosis Centre and Clinical Lead, National VTE Board

"Everyone has come here for the same thing, so this conference is great for getting information, talking to people, asking questions and getting feedback. A very good event."

Kieran Attreed-James, Quality Innovation Manager, Home Support Services, Essex County Council

"The longer I work in this industry, the more I realise that we tend to work in silos. Coming to a show like this is a fantastic way to talk to people across healthcare about safety issues that are common to us all, and to learn from them. It brings together all those with an interest in patient safety."

Will Harrop-Griffiths, Consultant Anaesthetist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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